"The Lookout" Scandy's New 3D Scanning Mirror Accessory

January 21, 2020

Scandy Pro is an amazing app that allows anyone with a TrueDepth-enabled iPhone (series X or newer) to capture outstanding 3D scans.  However, we know that scanning with the front facing camera can be a struggle sometimes, and while mirroring to another phone’s screen helps to alleviate that stress, it does require a second phone.  

That’s why we have developed the Lookout, Scandy’s official 3D scanning mirror accessory.  The Lookout is made of carbon fiber and nylon and is hand-assembled in New Orleans.

And it is so easy to use.  After opening Scandy Pro, attach the Lookout so the Scandy candy logo is facing you.  

Then point the mirror at what you want to scan.  Take a scan as you normally would with Scandy Pro!

The Lookout is available for purchase now.  First orders will be shipped on February 1st.  Do not miss out on the chance to have one of the first Lookouts and take your 3D scanning to the next level.

Order today: http://scandypro.com/Lookout

Download Scandy Pro: http://scandypro.com/Download

For more information on Scandy Pro’s features, check out our Youtube tutorials: http://scandypro.com/Pro_Tutorials

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