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The sweetest way to 3D

Are you looking to add 3D scanning to your next project? Scandy custom-fits 3D scanning solutions for any size company.

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What we do well in the 3D space


3D Scanning

Scanning is Scandy’s bread and butter. Create 3D scans with the Scandy Pro app for Tango, or work with the Scandy team to develop a custom 3D scanning solution. Harness the power of Scandy Core’s 3D scanning capabilities in your next project.


SLAM & Object Tracking

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and object tracking are needed in many 3D projects. SLAM and tracking are easy with Scandy’s proprietary tracking algorithms built into Scandy Core.



Are you trying to see if parts are in spec, have wear and tear, or are oriented correctly? No problem for Scandy Core. Scandy Core renders the raw point cloud data from depth sensor into a 3D mesh and can easily run that mesh against known models or other analysis tools.

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Scandy Core is a smart, sensor-agnostic middleware. Whether you’re using your own 3D sensor or want to work with our hardware partners to find the best 3D sensing technology to fit your needs, we can implement a custom 3D scanning solution for your company.

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Fast results for complex problems

Whether you're steering an industry-leading company or you're a couple of friends in a garage, we can take your project from idea to viable product—fast. Remove technology as a constraint. Make complexity your advantage.

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Custom development

Our in-house team's expertise covers the gamut of web, mobile, and hardware technologies. Whether you need an mobile, desktop, or web app, we will work with your business or startup from MVP to polished product. We create 3D solutions for our clients.


Our designers have experience creating mobile, desktop, and web designs from scratch. They don't just slap together a boilerplate - they'll get to know your business, helping to build a platform that fits your end user's needs. We don't underestimate the importance of having someone with a skilled eye and sharp wit spend time making sure the system you need is useable. If you've got a complicated piece of 3D software already built, but are finding it hard to use we can help there too.

Proprietary middleware

Scandy Core is our custom proprietary middleware that serves as the backbone for any 3D software no matter the device. We have built in integrations to ROS, PCL, OpenNI, and OpenCV so we can interface with new systems quickly. Whether your business needs to perform inspections, make 3D meshes, stream 3D data over a network, or anything else that relies on 3D at its core, Scandy Core can make this process deployable quickly.

In-house engineering

There's always a looming deadline to ship a new sensor, headset, handset, etc... If your team needs help testing, evaluating, or bootstrapping we can do that. Even though Scandy is a software company, our team of skilled engineers have worked on drones, laser cutters, and 3D printers. We bring expertise in high performance software and middleware to the bleeding edge of 3D hardware. If you need a software partner to accelerate your internal engineers, let us know.


Every few months a new milestone in 3D-enabled mobile devices comes out: Structure Sensor, Intel Real Sense, Google DayDream, Tango, and ARCore, Apple ARKit, Gear VR, Hololens, and so many more. If your company needs a mobile 3D solution, we are here to help. Scandy has developed a properiary 3D pipeline that runs on Android, iOS, and ARM Linux. Don't sacrifice speed and resolution just because it has to run on a tiny computer. Let us help make high-resolution real-time 3D a thing for your business.

Idea to MVP

The world of 3D vision for computers, smartphones, and robots is here and ready to start working for your business. Many individuals or companies have a great idea about to leverage the revolutionary power of 3D, but aren't sure where or how to get started. This is Scandy's biggest strength, idea to minimum viable product (MVP). It doesn't take a lot of money and time to figure out if your great idea is going to bring the ROI you are looking for, so get in touch today to get your 3D idea started.

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