5 Simple Steps to Determining Your Ring Size with 3D Scans

October 2, 2020

As we begin to purchase clothes online more and more, we want to be sure the article will fit prior to ordering. No one wants to deal with the hassle of returns. For rings this has been historically difficult. Without the fancy, plastic sizing guides, we have to resort to string or pen and paper. Both of these methods can lead to pretty severe measurement discrepancies. But now that 3D scanning is easy and accessible with your cell phone, finding out your ring size at home is easy.

Let's start with a scan. You can check out Scandy Pro or STL Maker to generate a 3D scan from your phone. For tips on body scanning, check out this blog.

Once you have your 3D scan there are just five simple steps to determining your ring size.

Step 1: Upload your scan to fit.scandy.co

Step 2: Adjust the dimensions of the measurement plane using the axis perimeters to create a plane that is only as large as your finger

Step 3: Use the mesh controls to rotate and translate the model into position

Step 4: Calculate the perimeter and change the units to millimeters

Step 5: Compare the measurements to a ring sizing chart

With these five simple steps and you will be able to determine your ring size. Body scanning has come a long in a just a few years.

For more 3D fit workflows, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel

Happy Scanning!

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