Hey, we're Scandy

Our team is based out of New Orleans (one of us is in Chicago!) and we love 3D everything! We've been around the world a few times launching 3D products and consulting on hard problems. We've worked with companies from San Francisco, to Shanghai, to Munich and really love hosting meetings in our beautiful, one-of-a-kind city.

We bring your product to the edge. Our patented middleware accelerates the development of any project utilizing computer vision. Our prebuilt SDK enables you to get your product to the MVP stage faster. Start your product where you want it to be now, not next month.

Mass customization in your pocket. We at Scandy want everyone to feel unique - creating products that enable the high levels of customization end users deserve is the task at hand. How do we get there?


Make it possible

We were the first 3D scanning app built for the iPhone X - some 100 million users are now walking around as fully capable 3D creators


Make it fast

Make our tech more stable, faster, and higher resolution than anyone else. We have exciting updates coming out every week on this front.


Make it easy

Interacting with 3D can be tough - we are currently aiming to make scanning, analyzing, measuring, and more much more approachable.

Meet the krewe behind Scandy. We’re bridging the gap between the physical and digital where technology can be used to solve our hardest problems.

Charles Carriere

President & Co-founder

Cole Wiley

CEO, CTO & Co-founder

Evan Laughlin

VP of Computer Vision

Alberto Miller

Junior CV Engineer

Select projects developed with support from Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

Scan On

Create in 3D with the phone in your pocket. With any TrueDepth iOS device you can get creative in three dimensions right now.