Scandy Enterprise is now available

Charles Carriere
President & Co-founder
February 28, 2023

Scandy Pro is a great 3D scanning app for iOS devices with a TrueDepth sensor. The ability to capture a geometrically-accurate 3D scan with the phone in your pocket can seem like a superpower to those who need 3D scans. From artists to engineers, a 3D scan can be a great way to start creating.

Scandy's mission has been "3D for everyone." We made Scandy Pro a free app and provided free scan saves so users could experiment with the technology and get comfortable with it. We recently changed our monetization framework. No more limiting scan saves! We now allow for unlimited saves - we only charge when you want to export a scan. We also introduced payment for individual exports, so those that are casual 3D scanners don't have to commit to a subscription.

Despite these changes, we were still missing a market. Educational institutions and many businesses who might be heavy users of 3D scanning may also not love the subscription model. We get it! While subscriptions are a great way to pay-over-time and ensure that a product stays up-to-date, some institutions balk at purchasing them. Scandy has been contacted by numerous educators who want to use Scandy Pro in their classes, and have a budget, but cannot get around the subscription roadblock.

Enter Scandy Enterprise. Pay one price to purchase the app. Scan and exports are unlimited, without the need for a subscription. Educations institutions can take advantage of the App Stores education discount when purchasing 20 licenses or more.

Know of an educator that wants Scandy Pro without the subscription hassle? Please let them know about Scandy Enterprise!

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