Testing hoxel on Instagram stories

October 21, 2019

The other night I finished work early and was ready to cheer on the Astros through Game 4 of the ALCS. We’ve been working a lot on the strategy for hoxel recently and figured this would be as good a time as any to test our refined vision of hoxel as a creator tool.

From our most recent deck on hoxel –

hoxel is the creator tool for influencers, YouTube celebrities, Twitch streamers, TikTok stars, and other DIY broadcasters to live stream and record volumetric videos, edit with new 3D tools, and create engaging XR experiences.

Time to eat our own dog food.

I decided I would use hoxel and Instagram to live react to the game. I needed to see what our target user is currently able to do with our app.

The process for this was pretty simple. I used hoxel app on my iPhone XS to do make some volumetric video recordings of myself reacting for various moments of the game. I pre-recorded some celebratory, anxious, relieved, and disappointed volumetric videos of myself.

A screenshot of the record screen for a celebration recording

Then I would place my hoxel recording in AR in front of the TV, by my dog, or wherever I wanted in the room. When the moment was right in the game I used the built-in screen-record feature to make a video of my hoxel AR reaction.

My hoxel screen recording being placed in front of the TV after Carlos Correa hit a home run

After making a regular video of my hoxel I was able to open Instagram and add the video to my story. This is really where rubbers meets the road for our new app. It was really fun! Since all the Instagram filters work on-top of the hoxel recording, I could add all the fun Instagram story filters no problem. The face filters recognize the hoxel recording as a face, and also recognize its “3D-ness” and would place the glasses or dog ears on my volumetric video facing the correct way given its relative 3D pose in the scene.

Phew. Go `Stros!

You can checkout my Tweet with the whole story exported here.

Make sure to sign up for our hoxel iOS beta and subscribe for updates for when we launch the product officially!

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