Scandy Pro is Live on Product Hunt

Charles Carriere
President & Co-founder
November 19, 2018

With little fanfare, we removed Scandy Pro for Android from the Play Store today. Given how great the Apple TrueDepth devices are at creating 3D scans, we were hard-pressed to find any time to keep up with Android. Every quarter there are new phones hitting the market. Every week we received emails from disappointed users letting us know that Scandy Pro didn’t work on their device. And that was a bummer.

We love the Android user base: dedicated do-it-yourselfers. They didn’t need hand holding or bells and whistles with their apps - they just wanted basic functionality and they would figure it out. Unfortunately, we couldn’t commit the engineering cycles to keep up with phone models that weren’t built with a depth sensor in mind. We will come back to Android as soon as we have a sufficient installed base of devices with integrated depth sensors. Scandy Core is built to be platform-agnostic, so it won’t take us long to get up and running when the market is there. Until then, we will keep making our Scandy Pro for iOS app better.

Scan on.

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