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November 12, 2019

Today we want to highlight two ingenious DIY setups that you can replicate to elevate your 3D scanning.  A huge thank you to Brandin Ray, who sent us his Dual iPhone Grip set up, and to Junichi Matsuda, who tagged us in his lighting setup on Twitter.

We know that only having a front-facing depth sensor can make capturing some scans challenging.  Currently, the depth sensor is only available in front facing cameras on iPhone X and newer. We gave you tips on mirroring the screen of the scanning camera to another non scanning phone in our previous post “Tips for 3D scanning”.  But holding two phones at once can be cumbersome and may affect the quality of your scan. 

The solution - a dual iPhone holder.  This ingenious solution was submitted to us by Brandin Ray.  For this scans, he uses the ULANZI ST-06 Camera Hot Shoe Phone Tripod Mount.  Using two mounts you can hold two phones at once.  Two ST-06s can be connected using their built in cold shoe mounts. A cold shoe mount is a metal bracket attached on the exterior of a device. Simply, connect one to the other and, viola! you have a dual iPhone grip that allows you to scan while viewing the scan subject on a mirrored phone. This setup won’t block the screen either.  Additionally, if you wanted to mount a handle, there are additional threaded holes available.  We recommend the ST-06 instead of the ST-02 to keep the setup lightweight. 

This next user setup controls lighting and shadows to optimize the image of a 3D scan.  Dramatic lighting, like that used in 2D photography, highlights and emphasizes shadows.  However, shadows can be the bane of 3D scanning.  Direct light is the best option, and the easiest way to control it is a simple iPhone selfie light.  

(as seen in the Hongdayi Clip On Selfie Light)

But Junichi Matsuda took it a step further.  After playing with a selfie light, Junichi Matsuda began building his own ring light setups.  His ring light is 10 inches in diameter with dimming capacity and three color settings.  We highly recommend that you check out his twitter feed and follow him @mactechlab.

We are so grateful when our users send us their designs or share their setups.  The ingenuity of our Scandy Pro users will always inspire us to do more with the Scandy Pro app.  We love highlighting creators on our blog and social accounts. If you have a cool setup or a project that you have completed using Scandy Pro and want to share it with us, please send it our way at or tag us on Twitter and Instagram @ScandyCo.

And as always, keep scanning!

Scandy Team

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Image credits to Brandin Ray,, and Junichi Matsuda

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