How To: Quick 3D animations from Scans in ScandyPro to Adobe Premiere

May 29, 2019

This blog will break down our video tutorial on how to use 3D scans from ScandyPro in your video animation projects in Adobe Premiere.

Click here for the video walk through.


Capture or open your 3D scan in ScandyPro then enable the screen recording function on your iPhone.

With your scan opened in ScandyPro select the background editor in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Set the top and bottom background color to a yellow green that mimics a green screen.

Grab, rotate, and move your scan to animate it as desired.

End the screen recording and send your video file to the device you use Adobe Premiere on for further editing.

Once in Adobe Premiere drag your scan into the sequencer and click the Effects tab.

*before keying make sure that your screen recording file is cropped so that you do not see the rest of your iPhone display.*

Search for “Key” and select “Ultra Key”

Place the dropper on the green background to key it out.

You are left with a moving 3d Image that can be layered over other images and videos.  

Further possibilities of editing the animated 3D image are endless once these steps are completed! We would love to see what you create! Have fun!

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