Augmented Reality Portals: How fantasy is coming to 3D technology

May 15, 2020

About 2 weeks ago, I wrote about how technology is continuing to make science fiction a daily reality. And yes, I am a total nerd who enjoys sci fi content like Ender’s Game, Dune, and Star Trek, but I am first and foremost a fantasy fan.

Then I learned about augmented reality portals when our team began work on an interactive art exhibit for SXSW 2020. The exhibition was scheduled to showcased hoxel and 8th Wall tech.  These portals allow AR headset users to literally walk through a gateway to another world.  My inner 12 year old couldn’t stop screaming.  See, I grew up on Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.  The idea of a magical world hidden in plain sight was always exciting to me.  And now with AR, and we can experience that feeling of being completely transported to a different land.

You might ask how this is different from immersive VR video games like Skyrim or Subnautica.  For me, it’s just a specific feeling.  With the video games, as amazing as they are, you still “load in”.  But with these portals, it is just like walking through a wardrobe in a english countryside cottage and emerging in a snow covered forest.

No matter what, it shows that it is our passions that drive us to create and explore.  To go further than ever before.  So whether you are a Sci Fi fan or a fantasy buff, the technology exists for you to explore those things that made you smile when you were a 12 year old child.

As the world begins to slowly open it's doors again, we look foward to sharing our hoxel world with you. Follow us on social media @ScandyCo to stay up to date on announcements and developments.

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