A Steaming Pile of Awesomeness

Cole Wiley
CEO, CTO & Co-founder
October 4, 2018

Put on a diaper. Or buckle up. Or do whatever you need to do before you get your mind blown. I’m not one for frequent hyperbole, but I am REALLY excited about this development. We have implemented collaborative scanning with the depth stream of two iPhones, with the 3D scan being created in REAL-TIME ON AN IPHONE XS. Not on a server - on an iPhone.

Just let that sink in. Watch this video.

We will have a snazzier, more-explainery video soon, but I was too excited not to demo this.

So why is this important? I mean, I realize that not everybody has two iPhone X models lying around. But if you have one and your friend has one, then you’ve got a multi-sensor scanning rig RIGHT THERE IN YOUR POCKETS. That is cool. This means that scans can happen quicker. You won’t have to move the phones as much. Opportunities for medical, retail, 3d modeling, engineering… SO MANY use cases. We are pumped to bring this to Scandy Pro. We are excited to open this functionality to Scandy Core license holders.

I’ll stop bouncing off the walls and get back to work. Stay tuned for more good stuff. As much as we have done thus far, this is only the beginning.

Scan on, my friends.

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