Leading 3D vision SDK

You don’t need to be a computer vision expert to use Scandy Core. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating a program that uses 3D data in innovative ways. Natively fix flying pixels, auto-patching over exposed meshes - from scanning to SLAM, Scandy Core makes it all possible.


Scanning is at the backbone of Scandy Core. Easily stream depth data, update incoming resolutions, resize your target bounding box, network multiple scanners together, and generate meshes live on-device.


Use Scandy Core and your phone's internal gyroscope to keep track of your location in 3D space. Adjust thresholds to make tracking as loose or rigid as you need for your app. Customization is king with Scandy Core.


Want to measure within 1mm accuracy? Trying to see if parts are in spec? Want to test for wear and tear?  Determine proper orientation?  Scandy Core can easily run point cloud data against known models or custom analysis tools.

Add 3D vision to your app with ease. The Core SDK provides a robust, stable, simple API for developers to interact with a multitude of depth-sensors.

Cross platform for all use-cases

The Core SDK is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS. Build apps with our extensive computer-vision pipeline and get a head start in cutting-edge spatial computing.

Scandy Core SDK Licensing. Core SDK (cross-platform) is available for licensing. If you're interested in adding 3D vision to your solution - reach out now.

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Scanning. Meshing. Tracking. Analyzing. Easily add our robust 3D development tool to any project to expedite complex operations

Our proprietary technology includes the features other teams would need to build from scratch. Live, on-device, collaborative tracking, scanning, meshing, and SLAM*. Scandy's existing 3D software allows our team to hit the ground running on any platform.

Setup in ten lines of code. Initializing the SDK is simple - drop the framework into your project and you're ready to go.

The Scandy Core SDK is built on the shoulders of giants - Royale, Open NI2, SLAM, ROS, PCL, and more working together to provide the simplest onboarding for powerful spatial computing to date.

Scan On

Create in 3D with the phone in your pocket. With any TrueDepth iOS device you can get creative in three dimensions right now.