4D video capture for everyone

Scandy enables anyone with a new iPhone X to create volumetric recordings or livestreams.

This technology is best enjoyed by all. We think everyone will create the content that brings AR and VR experiences to the next level.

Volumetric video (a.k.a. holographic video or 4D video) has been split into two camps so far. Expensive, time-consuming, pre-recorded studio content, and low-quality tech demos. Scandy is bridging the gap making 4D video live and accessible.

Capture. Live Stream. Record. Whatever your platform, stepping up your content game to 4D streaming and playback is now possible.

Augmented Reality has finally entered the mainstream. We aim to enable anyone - anywhere - to create in that reality.

Find out how to get started. We're working out some kinks, but while we do, we would love for you to start creating

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What is a volumetric video?


What are the limitations of Scandy's 4D video?


How do I view a volumetric video?


These are lower resolution than other 4D videos on the internet... why would I use Scandy's solution?


Can I use any camera to create one?


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