ScandyPro for iOS

Easily create 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing or precision CAD work. Scandy Pro for the iPhone X is avaialable in the App Store now.

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High resolution 3D scanning for the iPhone X

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Truly mobile 3D scanning

Before today, professional quality 3D scanners were expensive and bulky. Today, we've brought pro-level 3D scanning to a mobile device. We've built Scandy Pro around Scandy Core, our patented 3D scanning middleware. Using the TrueDepth camera built into the iPhone X, Scandy Pro users can capture 3D content wherever they find it. No need for bulky add-ons, additional equipment or fussy calibration routines. Find your subject, and start scanning! Easily create 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing, precision CAD work, or jump-start your VR or 3D modeling project.


Scandy Pro resolves your 3D data on-device in real time. This means 3D scanning an object looks more like a video instead of static images that slowly merge together. Know exactly what you’re scanning when you’re scanning it.


Scandy Pro is perfect for the entry-level 3D scanning enthusiast or as a companion piece for a $10,000 industrial-grade scanner. Offering pay-as-you-scan pricing, 3D scanning has never been more accessible.


Other professional 3D scanners can be expensive, clunky and tethered to computers. Even other mobile scanners require cables and attachments to create a 3D scan on your device. Scandy Pro uses the TrueDepth camera built into the iPhone X. No need to carry additional equipment. Open the app and start creating 3D content!


Scandy Pro combines the portability of a phone with the power of a 3D scanner. Scan something as small as an action figure, and something as big as a sofa with Scandy Pro’s bounding box and resolution options.

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