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The tech world evolves fast. The 3D industry? even faster. Here are some projects we've been working on along the way; build fast, ship often.

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stylistic concave layout curve

Scandy Pro

Tango 3D Object Scanner

Precise, portable, fast, and affordable. Scandy Pro unlocks your ability to create real-time 3D scans from an Android device using time-of-flight technology from pmd. Easily create and edit 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing or precision CAD work. You can now download the future of 3D scanning. Scandy Pro is here for Tango smartphones like the Phab 2 Pro. Create high-quality 3D models without the need for attachments, wires, or connections.

Scandy Core

3D Development SDK

You don't need to be a computer vision expert to use Scandy Core. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating a program that uses 3D data in innovative ways. Natively fix flying pixels, auto-patching over exposed meshes - from scanning to SLAM, Scandy Core makes it all possible.

Scandy Sphere

360 Panorama & 3D Model to 3D Print

Scandy is a world leading 3D scan to 3D print service. We take panoramas and 3D models you upload and 3D print them in full color. With no decals or seams, our process involves hand-finishing everything that comes through our printers to create memories to last a lifetime.