Time to see the world

With the new iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 and 12 Max versions comes LiDAR, allowing for world-facing 3D scanning from the rear of the device. Paired with Scandy Pro, 3D is now easier than ever.

Interior Design

Generate accurate 3D models of a room — or every room — to help with that next home redesign or renovation.


Whether you are installing a new fence or planning a landscaping project, use Scandy Pro + LiDAR to map out your property in 3D and save thousands.

Game Design

Scandy Pro + LiDAR can be used as an architectural tool to help form a rough sketch of an idea for a scene or game level.

Film Making

Looking for a tool to enhance your location-scouting workflow? With Scandy Pro + LiDAR, you can add valuable spatial data to the pre-production process.

Have an 2020 iPad Pro or an iPhone 12 Pro and want to try?

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This is just the beginning. With LiDAR, the foundation has been laid for world-facing 3D scanning on Scandy Pro. But we know there's still work to be done. Here are some more features and improvements we're hoping to release very soon.

Support for iPhone

Currently, LiDAR is only available on the new iPad Pro. We're hoping, as many are, that a future version of the iPhone will too include the new sensor, bringing world-facing depth scanning to the palm of your hand.

Session Protection

At times, the AR session will be reset unexpectedly during a world-facing scanning session. We are working to ensure that if this happens, you will not lose that scan data.

Improved Interface

We wanted to get the basic functionality of LiDAR support to our users as soon as it was available. Be on the lookout for improved interfaces and controls with future releases.

Texture Mapping

Textures and colors are coming!

Don't let the world pass you by. Scandy Pro with LiDAR support for the new iPad Pro is available in the Appstore now.


Best for short stints of scanning needs. Have a project the next few days?  This plan is your best bet.
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Most popular for hobbiest and professional 3Ders alike.
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Still have questions? We get it. 3D scanning is a pretty new technology - it can take a bit to digest it all at once. Here are answers to common questions!

What devices are compatible with Scandy Pro?

Since Scandy Pro depends on depth-sensing hardware - we currently only support TrueDepth iOS devices. This includes the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the 3rd gen iPad Pro.

Do Scandy Pro models include texture maps?

We are currently working on texture mapping for OBJ files.

What file formats are supported?

Currently users can export a model as PLY, OBJ, and STL files. We are currently working on USDZ compatibility and expect to release an update for support before the new year.

What is the largest object Scandy Pro can scan??

Since Scandy Pro intends to be an object scanner, rather than an environment scanner, the max bounding box size is currently limited to four meters.

What is the smallest object Scandy Pro can scan?

Currently Scandy Pro is able to scan well within 1mm accuracy at a small scale. In-app measurements are currently rounded to 1mm because we don't want people to think that we are sub-millimeter accurate all the time. It depends on the size of the object being scanned.

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Create in 3D with the phone in your pocket. With any TrueDepth or LiDAR iOS device you can get creative in three dimensions right now.