Removing uncertainty from eCommerce with the power of 3D scanning.

Know your customer...

...forget returns

You don't need a fully custom app to provide a fully custom fit.  With Formed, empower your customers with the accuracy of 3D scanning to gather exact sizing data — both reducing costs for you and enhancing the online shopping experience for them.

Fit anything like a glove. Say goodbye to inconsistent tape measurements and confusing sizing charts.

No matter what it is you're trying to size for your customer, you can guarantee the fit with the millimeter accuracy of Formed. Whether you are selling custom orthotics, bespoke apparel or accessories, personalized eyewear or fitting for other personalized devices, empower your customers with the confidence of 3D measurement.

Seven days. Your Brand + Formed = Your Custom 3D Application.

Speed to market, as we all know, is everything. Once we receive your branding assets and some basic information about your product and your business model, you'll have a proven and effective 3D scanning solution ready to integrate into your eCommerce system within one week.

✔️ User authentication

✔️ Customer Info Collection

✔️ Basic Scan Instruction

✔️ Scan Capture

✔️ Analytics

✔️ Cloud storage

Solution-focused. Tried and tested architecture.

We've been in the 3D scanning game a long time. Let us handle the difficult parts so you can focus on what you do best — making great products and delighting your customers.

Our standardized solution architecture is firm yet flexible depending on your needs. At a minimum, you can expect your custom-branded application to include the following:

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We know 3D can seem like a challenge. With Formed, it won't be, because we're experts in the space who know how to make 3D easy.


We know that every project is unique, so we'll work together to meet your requirements if and when they fall outside the bounds of our standard architecture.


We are based in New Orleans, Louisiana, but we are used to working with distributed teams all over the world.

Questions? Feel free to reach out! We're more than happy to hop on a call, text, email, whatever.

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