Top 4 Online 3D Content Creation Communities

July 14, 2020

Here at Scandy, we believe in 3D for everyone.  But if you are just getting started in this world of 3D creation, it can be overwhelming.  Just where can you go to find inspiration and guidance?  Here are some of my favorite online 3D creator communities.


Reddit, the front page of the internet, is a great place to gather to share ideas and ask for help if you know where to look.  I recommend checking out r/3Dprinting and r/cosplay. There are great discussions for those who 3D print cosplay props here and here. The maker community is alive and thriving. Whether you are a hobbyist, tinkerer, or even a cosplay enthusiast, there exists a space for you on Reddit.


Behance is a Pinterest, meets Instagram, meets LinkedIn for artists to share their amazing creations. It is owned by Adobe and states that it aims "to showcase and discover creative work”.  The work displayed here is next level.  If I had to pick one to get you started, I recommend Jean Yves Lemoigne, a photographer from NYC who has used Scandy Pro to showcase athletic movement through wireframes.  Don’t get discouraged if you are just getting started.  You can check out our Youtube video that walks you through using Adobe Dimension to create cool tableaus with .ply files here.  


Now you might be thinking that selecting YouTube is a cop-out, but hear me out.  Youtube has some of the most active and engaging 3D content creators out there. One of my favorites is Uncle Jessy, a 3D printer enthusiast.  His channel is full of product reviews, tutorials, and unboxings.  He is also incredibly responsive with his comment section.  But whatever type of content creation you are looking for with 3D you can find it on YouTube.


The last online 3D community I want to recommend is Twitch.  Twitch is an online streaming platform most commonly known for video gaming, but there are active 3D creator communities as well. Twitch is great for immediate feedback on questions you might have.  The chat allows you to interact directly with creators in real time while they are working on projects.  Check out the streamers Floatharr for blender sculpts and Game Art 101 for zbrush and maya. Game Art 101 will also host other creators on their stream from time to time so come back often to see different ongoing projects.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our own blog and youtube channel for great tips and tricks to get you started on your 3D creations.


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Happy creating!

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