Start with a Scan: How I was able to integrate 3D scanning into my digital art

August 26, 2020

What I love most about Scandy Pro is the power, convenience, and speed. I can be anywhere and simply take out my phone, capture something in 3D, and the results are immediate. 

As an artist and 3D enthusiast, Scandy Pro is a fantastic way to expedite my process.  I can scan something and have it up on my SketchFab site or in 3D editing/rendering software in a matter of minutes. The ability to quickly scan objects and their textures on the go using my iPhone has become a super useful tool in my creative process. 

I have always enjoyed the ability to take reference photos of people, places and objects with my phone but now I can actually collect reference models just as easily. Including useful color and measurement information. As a result I have quickly generated a growing gallery of scanned works and  a library of reference shapes and models based on my scans using Scandy Pro and STL Maker. In Zbrush, I have a whole set of insert mesh models initially created from scans. The models are captured in accurate size measurements. So if I scan a few models separately, perhaps at different times, and then decide to kitbash them together into a new model the meshes are in correct size relationship to each other.

I think it’s a great solution for the technical task of scanning 3D models and making it into something very simple, fun, and accessible.

David is the VP of Design at Scandy with over 25 years of experience in 3D animation and augmented reality content creation.

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