Simple DIY Scanning Set-Ups

August 18, 2020

3D scanning doesn't have to be expensive. It can be discouraging when you see handheld scanners going for thousands of dollars. Scandy's mission is to "3D for Everyone". Scanning doesn't have to be expensive. Here are two creative home set-ups by Scandy Team members.

First up is April. April is a Fullstack Developer and makes some of the most beautifully edited scans on the team. To get an amazing scan of a pillow took a little bit of creative thinking.

April hung the pillow by clips from her shower and moved around the pillow to get the 360 view. With just a few crops in the editing suite, she was able to remove the strings from the scan. Simple and easy, and under $10 for an incredible 3D scan.

Follow April on SketchFab to check out more of her scans.

Next is my set up. I am the Producer for Scandy. I have found that I do not have the steadiest hand when it come to scanning, so I set up a turn table using a $16 lazy susan from Lowe's and a plate. With my iPhone in a small tripod, I can rotate the lazy susan so that the object I am scanning rotates in front of the sensor.

Neither of these set ups are fancy and both produce top notch scans especially when paired with Scandy Pro or STL Maker.

Follow Kristin on SketchFab for more scans:

For even more DIY scanning, check out this blog for user submitted scanning set ups.

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