Scandy Core body measurements

Evan Laughlin
VP of Computer Vision
September 15, 2017

For anyone unfamiliar with the Scandy Core library - it lessens the work needed to leverage 3D sensors in a desktop or mobile application.

Check here to learn more about it

We feel it's important to show off some of the cool things we've made to help others discover the possibilities of Scandy Core.  Over the past couple months we've shipped a mobile 3D scanning application, demonstrated support for ROS in the Core pipeline see our blog post and cooked up a sweet demo you'll see below.  

Measuring a body with Scandy Core

Today we added new features to Scandy Core which enable fast, reliable body measurements based on the 3D meshes generated after a scan.

We've improved the tracking, live meshing, and noise filtering threshold, and made some design tweaks to our demo app.  A couple changes we're pumped about in particular:

- New interactor — We've made a simple interactor to rotate a model into a position that our next feature can better use.

- Measuring Plane — While viewing a model we can now toggle a plane which provides all points in the model that the plane goes through.  We then take the convex hull of these points (convex hull being the smallest perimeter that includes all points within its bound), fit a curve to the convex hull’s points to smooth the shape (the curve can cut through bumps in the mesh that might be result of noise), highlight the curve as a red line around the model, and display its length as the perimeter.

Even better... We can automate all measurements at once should a use-case call for it.  

Over the next few weeks we'll be tweaking Scandy Core's new measurement functionality and sharing anything neat here on our blog.

We will continue to show off new updates to help clarify Scandy Core's capabilities.  If you have any questions, interest, or have a specific use-case in mind, please reach out and let us know

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