How to Upload a Scan to SketchFab from Scandy Pro

April 28, 2020

Sketchfab is an amazing resource for anyone interested in 3D scanning.  It’s a community-based platform where users can upload, share, and sell 3D content. And with it's amazing WebGL and WebVR-based viewer, it's a great way to share your scans with the world. With Scandy Pro, we make it as easy as 1-2-3 to upload your scans directly to Sketchfab.

A 3D scan of a Brown-eyed-susan flower, scanned using Scandy Pro and viewed in Sketchfab's WebGL viewer


From the main My Scans screen, select a scan that you'd like to upload and select the Sketchfab icon, located next to the export button

The Sketchfab upload option is located right next to the export button on the My Scans screen


Once you have logged into your Sketchfab account on the Sketchfab Upload screen, create a title and description for your scan and hit upload. This will upload and publish the scan with the default Sketchfab configurations.  For more control, we highly recommend checking the Publishing as a Draft option and fine-tuning the upload configuration from prior to publishing. Continue reading to learn how and why.

We recommend selecting "Publish as Draft" before uploading so that you can fine-tune your scan before publishing


One of the great things about Sketchfab is the amount of control you have when it comes to how your 3D content is presented. While you are always able to go back and edit a scan or 3D model that has already been published, it's recommended to make these adjustments prior to publication. With the Publish as Draft feature, you can do just this.

There are many options that you'll want to explore before posting in order to polish your content. We'll just cover a few basics here, but we encourage you to look around Sketchfab on your own to learn more. Be sure to spend extra time in the 3D Settings editor, which will allow you add all sorts of cool effects to your scans, including custom lighting, textures and environments. It's really impressive for a web-based 3D editor!

- Once you have uploaded a scan with the Publish as Draft option selected, go to and go to your profile.

- From there, go to the Uploads section

When in Uploads, find the draft scan, click on the Options sprocket icon and selection Properties

On the Edit model page, we suggest making the following changes before selecting Save & Publish

- Optimize metadata.  You can revise your title and description here, group by category and add tags by which to make your scan easier to find. Sketchfab even includes a nifty "Discoverability" meter as you edit the metadata so you can gauge how much traction your upload is likely to get after publishing!

- Avoid Sketchfab Upload Limitations. If you are on a free account, be sure to enable the Allow texture inspection option and allow for Free downloads. By enabling these settings, Sketchfab will reward you with upload credits, which you can use to continue to upload 3D content for free. If you do not enable these settings, you'll have to wait another month before being able to add to your library.

- When you're done here you can publish the scan. But be sure to head over to the EDIT 3D SETTINGS section to add some cool rendering effects to really make your scan pop!

Be sure to adjust for these settings to optimize discoverability and to avoid Sketchfab upload limitations if you are on a free account

Finally, to see what other creators are making with Scandy Pro, check out the “scandypro” tag.  And tag your scans with the same tag.  We love to see them!

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