One app for all your 3D scanning needs

Scandy Pro enables anyone to create high resolution, full-color 3D scans with an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR or the new iPad Pro

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A better way to create 3D assets

Create a 3D mesh in seconds

All the tools for you need in one app on your phone. Replace the hundreds photos and minutes to hours of server time with a 30 second workflow.

Totally your own

We don't gather, save, share, or query your use of Scandy Pro in any way. What you do is your business.

More than just scanning

Scandy Pro offers a suite of editing, viewing, and sharing functionality to make sure your model is ready for AR, VR, MR, whatever.

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The future of 3D scanning

The future of 3D scanning is mobile. While industrial grade scanners and specialized software packages are powerful tools, the best 3D scanner is the one you have with you. Scandy Pro brings high-quality scanning to a mobile platform. Whether your eventual 3D content pipeline is run through a high-powered workstation, a laptop, or processed in the cloud, creating 3D scans in the field with the phone you have in your pocket is a game-changer. What 3D moments are you going to capture?


Scandy Pro resolves your 3D data on-device in real time. This means 3D scanning an object looks more like a video instead of static images that slowly merge together. Know exactly how your mesh will look while you are scanning your subject.


Scandy Pro is perfect for the entry-level 3D scanning enthusiast or as a companion piece for a $10,000 industrial-grade scanner.


Other professional 3D scanners can be expensive, clunky and tethered to computers. Scandy Pro is compatible with all iPhone X-series models and the 2018 iPad Pro.


Scandy Pro combines the portability of a phone with the power of a 3D scanner. Scan something as small as an action figure, and something as big as a full-sized car with Scandy Pro’s bounding box and resolution options.

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